I have been using Héritage & Terre's Coeur de Cactus Replenishing Serum and Karitagan Balm exclusively for the past seven months. I have always had extremely dry skin and tried many products over the years to no avail. Héritage & Terre's products have transformed my skin. It is noticeably less dry as well as far more supple and smooth.  I am completely satisfied with the high quality of the products and thrilled with the results. Linda M. Berkeley CA

I swim outdoors and hike most days of the week so my skin tends to be on the dry side. Since I started using Héritage & Terre 's Cactus Oil twice daily, my skin has become significantly refreshed and radiant. The difference is remarkable. The oil comes in a lovely blue bottle with a dropper to help allocate the amount needed for each application. I’ve been using other products for many years. Héritage & Terre's Cactus Oil has improved my skin more than any other and done so in a short amount of time. Carol S. Berkeley CA

I was amazed at how quickly I saw improvement in my skin when I started using the Cactus Oil and the Crème de Nuit Revitalizing Night Cream. Within a week my skin was softer and “glowing.” I have what would be called ‘mature skin’ and had a drawer of products that kept promising results. That drawer has been emptied and replaced by my Héritage & Terre products. I love hearing, “you look 10 years younger.” Paula T. Oakland CA

When I first started using Cactus Oil, I used it at night before bed. One day I decided to use it in the morning, and I liked it even better.  A few drops helps my make-up go on smoothly. Plus, I have a rosy glow all day. GG

I have been using Héritage & Terre's Cactus Oil for about 4 months and really love it. I decided to try the oil because my skin is generally on the dry side and is starting to show signs of aging (I am 51). I am very pleased with the results. The oil is deeply hydrating and does not leave an oily residue behind. My skin feels plumper after I use it and it seems that my fine lines and wrinkles are diminishing. As a nutritionist, I want my skin to be as well nourished as my body; this product definitely achieves that! I highly recommend it. Saskia K. Emeryville CA

These are GREAT products that WORK!  After trying countless other products that were so-so, I am amazed and happy to see how much younger and brighter my complexion looks, especially the trouble spots; under the eye and neck area. Suzanne

Savon Noir, traditional Moroccan black soap, is truly unlike any facial cleanser I've ever used. It's fragrance has a rich mineral organic earthiness with a very smooth gel-like texture. Best of all, the results are fantastic. Each time I use it to cleanse, my skin looks and feels nature clean . . . neither heavy or oily as with other cleansing products I've previously used . . . just naturally and refreshingly clean. In a beauty world filled with artificial ingredients, fragrances, textures and claims, I'm delighted to have found something so real, natural and effective. Diane Oakland, CA

The Cactus Oil is the first serum I have used that has not in any way irritated my sensitive skin. In fact  it nourishes and creates a radiance that I have not seen in years! I love it! Alexandra