Coeur de Cactus | Cactus Oil Replenishing Serum


Coeur de Cactus | Cactus Oil Replenishing Serum


.5 oz / 15 ml

• Replenishes the skin and naturally plumps and softens lines
• Nourishes, repairs and returns the skin to its natural elasticity
• Stimulates hydration, skin cell turnover,  new skin cell generation
• Diminishes dark circles under the eyes
• Reduces hyper-pigmentation
• Promotes healing
• Noncomedogenic - naturally does not cause blocked pores

The exclusive molecular combination of cactus oil with high concentrations of omega 6 and omega 9 essential fatty acids and vitamin E absorbs easily into the skin for deep skin cell penetration.

Improvements in skin health and smoothness can be seen as early as 15-21 days.

Key Ingredients: 100% pure Moroccan cactus oil, vitamin E, damas rose oil

Use: All skin types, even the most sensitive ones

Handcrafted in Morocco exclusively for Hèritage & Terre


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