Héritage & Terre is the collaboration of Soizic, a French esthetician, and Laurence, a French chemist. Both who share a deep affinity for the age-old beauty secrets. Soizic has been in the skin care industry for 20 years. She has traveled around the world as an educator and lecturer for several skincare lines. Ten years ago, she fulfilled her dream of building her own skin care salon in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The name Héritage & Terre comes from our love for Morocco's unique terrain – rich in nutrients and in history. Our signature product, Coeur de Cactus Replenishing Serum is inspired by traditional Moroccan beauty regimes, and our belief in the healing proprieties derived from nature’s resources. Our aim is to rekindle the way Moroccan women have taken care of themselves for centuries, relying on our earth’s natural clays and oils to nourish and protect their skin.

At Héritage & Terre, we are committed to purity, sustainability and community. All our Eco-friendly products are handcrafted humanely in Morocco using small batches with the highest quality ingredients.